Day Care & Co-op

At Finding Hope, we want to impart a deep love for the Lord, a greater understanding of how we can live out our faith, and support and encouragement to anyone who has questions about theirs and our beliefs.



We desire for children to be loved and cared for and surrounded by a nurturing environment that supports all these values so that they can be the change in their community and start a new generation of Christians who truly care.

Many times we have seen young children left at home alone by either neglectful parents or parents who really need to work to support their families.

Whatever the reason is, we want to make sure these kids have a safe place where they are loved, taught good morals and values, have time spent with them to really invest in their lives, and are surrounded by Godly individuals.

We also want to provide this help for parents who truly want to do the right thing by investing in their future and the future of their children. Parents will need to bring us proof that they are in school or working.

We want to make this a free service, but at the same time promoting responsibility of the parents with the co-op aspect.

In exchange for sending their kids to the daycare, they will come in a few times a month to help with the cooking, cleaning, and childcare.


If they are in a position with schooling or work where they don’t have any free time, they can opt to pay a small fee.

Our hope is to have a positive impact on our community from the very first years of their lives


 to put children in a healthy environment where they can flourish and have the chance to be encouraged and supported.

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