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Poverty greatly impacts the lives

of children in El Porvenir.


Many children don't have the necessary supplies for school.


Sadly, some even suffer neglect and abuse from their parents that have chosen alcohol and drugs above caring for their children.

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Wakiria is a 16 year old young woman with dreams and aspirations of working as a professional stylist in a beauty salon. In February 2014, through IHNFA, Wakiria attended her first year of beauty school classes. In November 2014, she graduated in “Cultora de Belleza”, completing year one of her studies. In 2015, Wakiria attended classes in Jennifer Salon, one of the top Salon schools in the city where she continued learning and putting her skills to practice. In December 2016, Wakiria graduated with "Professional Stylist".

Wakiria comes from a family of 11 in a one bedroom humble home. She is the oldest of 8 siblings. Along with being the oldest, comes immense responsibilities. Her father works on and off as a security guard and in the Dole pineapple fields. Her mother is a midwife, work which relies only when there is a local home birth. The family relies on Wakiria’s help with the younger children, around the home, and now, financially. Through Finding Hope we strive to give young women and deserving families a chance to thrive and break the cycle of poverty.

We are proud to say that since Wakiria's graduation, she has had several side jobs both in El Porvenir and in the big city. She does manicures, pedicures, hair dying, cuts and more! Wakiria is now helping to provide for her big family, providing the second source of income.


Escobar Oliva Family

Nayeli, Denadi, Michele and Josue are four young children who desperately needed a miracle. These sweet children came from abusive, neglectful parents and a terrible background. They lacked proper nutrition, were left alone for hours throughout the day, did not attend school and were fed but once a day. Their father uses drugs and their mother is an alcoholic. They suffered from emotional, physical and sexual abuse and unfortunately have seen and experienced more than any child ever should at their age.

We are happy to say, in March of 2013 the four children have been removed from their living situation and now live with their Aunt who has graciously taken them in, loves them, cares and provides for them. Finding Hope supports the new family financially, prays and runs continual monthly checkups. The kids have caught up in school, attend a local church, have lots of neighborhood friends and everyday are emotionally flourishing.


Trochez Larios Family

Sindy, Yosselin and Laritza are three sweet girls from a family of ten. They are the last three to attend school which has proven hard for their parents. They fully rely on their fathers $15 a day wage from working in the pineapple fields for their day to day necessities. Unfortunately, schooling has fallen short of the “necessities.”

In a culture like this, attending school after the 6th grade is a privilege, and for those who actually want to study, Finding Hope stands behind these students and their desire to learn. Therefore, we are fighting for Sindy, Yosselin and Laritza so that they may continue in their dreams.

Sindy, 17 years old, would like to study Tourism and someday work in a hotel or tourist destination. Yosselin, 15 years old, and Laritza, 11 years old, would both like to be a teacher in an elementary school. Sindy says “I have hope that God will help us.”

In August 2015, through a high school sponsorship, was recognized as one of the best students in her class and was offered a mini scholarship to enroll in an intensive 2-year English and Computation School in La Ceiba.

She has the opportunity to, through maintaining some of the best grades in class, achieve a full-scholarship and receive a computer at the end of her studies.

We are so excited to see the positive effect sponsorship has had on Sindy's life. She has a bright future and we feel blessed to be a part of it.


Valladares Bodden Family

Yadira Elizabeth, the mother of 5 young children, is one of the many inspiring women Finding Hope is trying to help. Yadira is a single mother and it is hard for her to find work. If she does find work, house cleaning or washing clothes for her neighbors, she must leave her kids home alone.

Oscar (10), Osman (7) and Laysh (5) are 3 of her 5 children who are attending school this year. Finding Hope is helping Yadira with her daily struggle and taking the burden of supplying uniforms, backpacks and school supplies for her children off her shoulders. Oscar, Osman and Laysh are doing great this year and love learning!

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